About SelflessTogether

Kindness and compassion

Let us be #SelflessTogether

In SelflessTogether, we not only aim to provide formal education to our children, but we also strive to teach our children kindness and compassion. Every child has the potential to shape and change the world.


We involve our children in our community service activities such as food distribution to the homeless/vagabonds and visits to hospice centers. In the future, we intend to organize more activities for children to participate in. We believe that the best way to inspire children to be kind, is to show them kindness.

Together, we are transforming lives.

Activities and Events

Most of our children do not have the opportunity to explore different places or go on field trips. Hence, we organize activities for our children to experience life out of their ordinary routine. Some of the activities are:


  •  Taiping zoo trip
  • “Chemistry Science” workshop/Tech Dome Science Museum Exhibition
  • Festive celebrations such as Hari Raya, Chinese New Year etc
  • Sports day
Education is transformational rather than transactional.

Education for all

Every child should be given the opportunity to reach for their dreams. With your donation, we will be able to reach out to more children with no access to education. Funds are used to pay for rental, teachers’ salary, buy books, stationeries and organize activities for our children.



Your gifts, no matter the amount, empower children to overcome the odds and break the cycle of poverty forever.We believe in Education For All. All children have the right to receive education. We believe together as one big human race, we should be there to help and empower one another regardless of our race, religion or background. We provide a platform for the community to beform selfless, altruistic acts to communities that really deserve it.