Our Why

This project was initiated upon our observation that mothers were often idle while waiting for their husbands and children, and they were sometimes perceived as having fewer opportunities compared to men.


Hence, we decided to teach them new skills and help them become more independent.

Our team is empowering women from marginalized communities by offering skills training workshops. We showcase and sell their handmade items here, providing them with a platform to market their creations. 70% of the proceeds directly benefit these resilient women, while the remaining 30% contributes to the SelflessTogether fund.

Primary Goals

A social enterprise that empowers marginalized women with new skills and hopes to address the issue of gender inequality and poverty.

Skills Set Taught so far

Beading of jewelries, sewing of accessories ( scrunchies, headbands, keychain)

Underprivileged women too, deserves a chance to learn, grow, and provide for their families.


We are looking for:

  • Instructors of new skills set for the mothers
  • Pop up booths (preferably sponsored or leased at a discounted price)
  • Materials ie unused beads and cloths that we can upcycle for our projects